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May 2, 2015:  You really have to be grateful for the new weather now, ay Philly?


Feb 25, 2015:  Internet gaming bill introduced in Pa. House


Feb 6, 2015: presents online dating and matchmaking resources for Philadelphia and surrounding region


Feb 5, 2015:  Man sues TSA, Philadelphia after being detained 23 hours


Feb 4, 2015:  FCC Chief Announces Big Win For Net Neutrality Advocates


Nov 21, 2014:  Children Strip-Searched At New Philadelphia Family Courthouse On Opening Day


Oct 17, 2014:  City Council continues to delay a process, which could, in the end, jeopardize the $1.86 Billion sale of PGW to UIL (NOTE: You know what finally happened)

Oct 25, 2014: Nearly two-thirds of PGW's 3,024 miles of mains that deliver natural gas to city homes are considered "at risk"

Oct 27, 2014 UPDATE: Plug pulled by City Council. NO discusson. NO hearing. NO openness. NO transparency. NO NOTHING.


Oct 10, 2014:  Philly Team Rescues Children, Infants From Predators


Oct 9, 2014:  DN Editorial: KEEPING THEM HONEST: The Inspector General does just that. Make it a permanent department

Quote:  "[...] the only way to guarantee the office's future is to change the City Charter and make it a city department under law. A bill to do just that has been introduced by City Councilman Jim Kenny. And there it has sat in committee for 22 months, an idea that is gathering dust."


Oct 7, 2014:  Three mayors stand together to bolster the Philadelphia Inspector General's office

Quote:  "Just this week, the office's work helped lead to the arrest of a Department of Human Services worker on charges of stealing nearly $18,000 in SEPTA tokens."

Quote:  "Things are changing in city government," said Inspector General Amy Kurland. "We are policing ourselves and we are cleaning our own house. And that is giving people confidence in their city government."

Quote:  "Lastly, [Mayor] Nutter and his two forbearers urged City Council to pass a bill introduced last year by Councilman James F. Kenney that would make the Inspector General's Office a permanent part of city government. The position is now appointed by, and serves at the will of, the mayor."


Philadelphia Office of the Inspector General

OIG Reports:  $Millions and $millions saved; culture of government strengthened


Jul 31, 2014:  Cigarette-tax vote canceled, imperiling Philly schools

Sep 2014 Update:  Passed and signed into law.


Apr 24, 2014:  The FCC is about to axe-murder net neutrality. Don't get mad - get even

Quote:  "The former cable and wireless industry lobbyist Tom Wheeler is re-writing rules in favor of the telecom giants - not you, me or the internet. Here's what you can do to stop him"

Quote:  "If you live in America and believe in an open internet, don't waste your time sinking into despair over politicians' betrayals. A little anger wouldn't hurt, but aiming it at the former cable and wireless industry lobbyist Tom Wheeler is pointless. Focus your attention on the people who he works for, and who allegedly work for you."




Feb 18, 2014:  Local Union Members Accused of Violent Intimidation


Feb 16, 2014:  Unanswered phones are the least of problems at the Sheriff's Office

Quote:  "If the Sheriff's Office has a hard time parting with owed money, it has trouble accepting it, too."

Quote:  "It's unconscionable, actually. And it makes unanswered phones in the Sheriff's Office look like the least of anyone's worries."


Jan 30, 2014:  Disabled man kept virtual hostage - until one phone call


Jan 28, 2014:  Philly still 'corrupt and contented'?

Quote:  "[...] recent news stories suggest the climate [...] might be just as ripe, which is sad when you think of the efforts made by Mayor Nutter and others to make this town less corrupt."

Quote:  "But the level of activity in the City of Brotherly Love suggests a population that too readily accepts such practices as routine."


Jan 13, 2014:  Research indicates regular pot use may harm developing brains


Nov 19, 2013:  Philly ethics board gifts proposal angers watchdogs, invites discussion


Nov 20, 2013:  School meeting allowed bully to beat victim yet again


Oct 26, 2013:  Mother in captives case sues Philly

Quote:  "[...] Weston says the Department of Human Services knew her sister was a convicted murderer, but nevertheless gave her custody of 10-year-old [...]"


Oct 9, 2013:  Controller faults computer security in Philadelphia Department of Human Services


Aug 20, 2013:  Homeless Mothers, Children Sleep Outside Philly Housing Office  -  NO UPFRONT FEES  -  Get prequalified free with no cost, risk or obligation - Philadelphia's Online Dating & Matchmaking Site 












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