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  1. We have lived at our house on 10 acres for over 14 years, our male neighbor moved in 4 years ago on 1.7 acres with double wide trailer, at that time we only had a hog fence between us. We meet him at the fence one day and said “do you know why I bought my property?” We said, “no”. He said, ” because of view of your proprty”. What? From that day forward it has been a nightmare. I have pictures of him sitting in chairs up against the hog fencing, starring at us in our yard. He wrote,”PEEK A BOO” on his building. Has killed lots of my animals, nobody is going to get through my 5 dogs to get to my barn area. His property is only one adjacent to mine. We took him to civil harassment and lost, he got lying letters from pot head and meth head neighbors. What can we do? We love our property.

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